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The Little Mermaid
One of Hans Christian Andersen’s most beloved fairytales is now illustrated by Peter Madsen and published in Danish and in English. This new edition lets the reader delight in Peter’s fabulous illustrations, which compliment the beautiful tale of the mermaid and her unrequited love.

The Fairy Tale Book is now published in Danish!

Valhalla: The Complete Saga!
Valhalla: The Complete Saga was released in 2010 in Danish and Norwegian editions. All 15 albums collected in 5 hard cover books - with new covers and 250 pages of extra material: The original Norse myths, the creative process from myth to comic book, Valhalla illustrations from stamps to murals and sketches ... lots of sketches!
The books were very well received by the public and got extremely favorable reviews. A second printing was necessary after few months in both countries - and by now book one is already in its 4th printing in Denmark.
A Swedish edition is on its way.

There is a Life after Valhalla - Troll Life!
In the North we have several other creatures around us besides gods and giants. There is an abundance of elves, fairies, pixies, dwarfs and ... trolls.
With my wife, Sissel, I have started a new project: A series of picture books with the joint title Troldeliv (Troll Life).

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