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Valhalla into the future: Albums no.s 15

  • Another one album are yet to come ...

    before the Valhalla series is complete. The final album is expected in 2009.

  • Valhalla 15 - The Sibyl's Visions

    The last album in the Valhalla series is going to be a story about how the giants kidnap Freya, the seasons come to a halt and the Fimbul Winter covers Asgard - more than this we do not wish to disclose at present. The story is to be based on various bits and pieces from The Prose (Snorri's) Edda and quite a few of the Sayings. The Sibyl's Visions is expected to be ready for publication in 2009.

© Peter Madsen - - Translation into English: Ole Lindegaard Henriksen -